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Paperback News!

The shelves of book shops are filled with tantalising reads and sometimes it seems that you can't go into a shop, any type of shop, without there being a book section in some form or other. Sometimes it seems there are too many genres, too many authors and not enough space to display them all. With so many books on offer, it may come as a surprise to learn that not all books make it into paperback. Why, I hear you ask?

There are many reasons why some books are never sold as paperbacks. One is that digital releases are the go-to in today's publishing world, with many publishers opting to release digital content only. Some publishers use the digital format to test how well the book sells before deciding to take the next step. Of course there are many advantages to releasing a book as an eBook. Huge savings on production and transport costs can be made, minimising the impact on the environment and the final retail price of the book. Releasing a book in the digital format is a win win for publisher, reader and writer alike.

However, not all readers, for a variety of reasons, are converts to the eBooks or audio format. One can not pass on a finished eBook to a friend or charity shop, or give a new copy as a gift. Sometimes it feels good to step away from the digital screen... that is if you ever mastered it in the first place. For the writer, a paperback provides solid evidence of all their hard work, which can take months, even years, to create and prepare for publishing so it may come as no surprise to learn that the vast majority of writers are thrilled when they receive the news that their book will be released as a paperback. I received that very same news earlier this year and am delighted to tell you that I have two paperbacks coming out, one in June and one in October.

From 26th June, 2021 Daughter of the House will be available to buy as a paperback in the UK. At the moment it is only available from Amazon, but I will let you know should this change.

To learn more about Daughter of the House, click HERE
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Paperback Amazon UK

The second book is A Daughter's Christmas Wish. It will be released in large print by Ulverscroft on the 1st October, 2021. 
To learn more about A Daughter's Christmas Wish, click HERE
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The pandemic resulted in the temporary closure of many book shops and as a result the paperback version of Daughter of the House was delayed twice. I began to fear it may never happen, so you can imagine my relief when I learnt its paperback release was finally going ahead. The large print paperback release of A Daughter's Christmas Wish was a pleasant surprise and I am keeping my fingers crossed that one day my Christmas WW1 novella will be released in standard font too. A writing career can be unpredictable at times, with many highs and lows. For me, this is one of those highs and a moment to savour... especially as I know my greatest fan, my mum, is waiting in the wings to read them.