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Radio - a million images in a million brains

"TV gives everyone an image, but radio gives birth to a million images in a million brains."
-Peggy Noonan

In April, I was delighted to join radio presenter (and fellow Choc Lit author) Chris Penhall on her show, Books and Tunes. Books and Tunes is a weekly West Wiltshire radio show, where Chris talks to writers and readers about books and publishing. Needless to say, the friendly, informative chat is interspersed with music. I was one of two guests in the hour long show (episode 5) and although it’s always daunting to be a guest on a radio show, fortunately Chris made it feel as if we were just chatting over a coffee and not recording a show.

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A Brand New Look for 2024!

No, I'm not going to dye my hair blue in 2024 to shake things up a bit, but I am delighted to share the news that there are changes afoot in my life! So get your sunglasses on and be prepared to be dazzled... ok so I might be overdoing things a little, but I'm excited so please bear with me. But first a bit of background...

My publisher Joffe took over Choc Lit’s author list of around 250 titles in 2023 and is renowned for discovering new talent and positioning overlooked books in the path of new readers. Their expertise is focused on the digital market, with a special emphasis on marketing and design. Their strategy has been so successful that they won the PBShop Trade Publisher of the Year in 2023 and is now the leading independent publisher in the UK. It was inevitable their attention would eventually fall on my back list...

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The Paris Affair ~ and how it came about

I'm excited to share the details and inspiration for my eighth historical romance, The Paris Affair! The Paris Affair tells the story of Charlotte Bray who volunteers her French speaking skills to the War Office during WW2. Quickly accepted, she leaves her home in Cornwall for London, not realising that it is the first step on an adventurous, but ultimately dangerous journey to Nazi occupied Paris as a Special Operations Executive agent. Pierre Lesieur, a handsome Frenchman, is with her every step of the way, either by her side or in her head. Unfortunately it appears he is not necessarily on her side. Can she trust him? Can he rely on her?

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Cornish Tales is now a Box Set!

I am thrilled to share my latest release - The Cornish Tales box set!

When I was shown the image of the Cornish Tales box set by my publisher, I'm not ashamed to say I was a little emotional. Of course I knew I'd written six novels set in my home county of Cornwall and I also knew the image of the box set was about to arrive in my inbox at any minute, but when it eventually arrived and I saw my books all lined up in a pretty case... well that sight did stir something within me...

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