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Joffe Books Acquire Choc Lit!

Bookseller Announcment

Jasper Joffe, CEO of leading independent publisher Joffe Books, has acquired my publisher Choc Lit! 
Choc Lit was founded in 2009 and has developed a reputation for quality romance, winning awards and discovering new authors so it came as a big surprise to learn that Joffe Books will be taking over Choc Lit’s list of approximately 250 titles, including my Cornish Tales Series and Waiting For Our Rainbow. Surprising news... but also exciting!

The acquisition was announced to the public through the Bookseller on 29th March, 2023. In the press release Jasper Joffe is quoted as saying...

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News On My Next Release!

I ended my last blog post, Writing and Bleeding, by saying I was 'bleeding profusely' at my laptop.  I have to admit, it wasn't quite as horrific as it sounded. In reality, I was researching and writing my latest novel and am now excited to share its title, cover and release details!

Here it is!

Waiting For Our Rainbow is a WW2 romance set in Cornwall and tells the story of Anne, a young Cornish woman, and Joe, an American soldier who has been sent to England to train for the largest amphibious military assault in history, more commonly known as D Day.

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International Writer - Who Me?

This week I saw the Czech Republic’s edition of Daniel’s Daughter – and I love it! The hardback edition has a new title, Pro čest a lásku (translated it means For Honour and Love), and a new cover. Both changes, I think, are perfect for its travels abroad! I also like the fact the heroine appears to be drinking from a tankard. What is she drinking? Cornish ale, perhaps?

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Exciting News For Any Author!

At the end of 2020, just when lockdown restrictions were tightening across the country again and an atmosphere of doom and gloom had returned to dampen the festive period, I received the most amazing news from my publisher. I was informed that my sixth novel in the Cornish Tales series, Daniel’s Daughter, was a FINALIST for the Romantic Novelists Association’s HISTORICAL ROMANTIC NOVEL AWARD!

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