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  • At the end of 2020, just when lockdown restrictions were tightening across the country again and an atmosphere of doom and gloom had returned to dampen the festive period, I received the most amazing news from my publisher. I was informed that my sixth novel in the Cornish Tales series, Daniel’s Daughter, was a FINALIST for the Romantic Novelists Association’s HISTORICAL ROMANTIC NOVEL AWARD!

  • This week I parted company from a dear 'friend'. For almost six years this 'friend' has been in the back of my mind. Entertaining and interesting, this 'friend' fostered both affection and loyalty from me - although at times it also caused me to want to tear my hair out due to its occasional habit of throwing a surprising tantrum at me. This friend was not a person or an animal but a blog which shared the musings, experiences and tips of seven writers (of which I was one).  Over the years the blog paid back my hours of writing by providing me with many new friends. Its contributors and readers have changed over the years, a natural development which also provides the catalyst for fresh content and a new perspective on the writing world. After many years as a contributor it is now my time to leave the blog so another writer can take my place. What is the name of this blog? Why am I leaving? And what do I mean when I say tantrums? Read on to find out.