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Bring Me The Colours Of Christmas

Bring me the colours of Christmas,
Needle sharp holly with scarlet wrapped seed.
Sparkling threads of tinsel and ribbon,
Weaving between branches of a festive tree.

Bring me the laughter of joyful children,
Discovering their presents in the soft morning light.
The comforting tones of my radio friend,
Playing Christmas melodies deep into the night.

Let the magic and wonder of Saint Nick resurface
The miracle of a babe and a bright shining star
Release the Christmas child within in me,
So I feel the same joy that glints in my own child’s eye

Bring me the fragrance of cinnamon and orange,
The fruit of plum puddings, laced with brandy and spice.
The earthy warm smoke of the candle and fire,
The nutmeg and cloves which makes mulled wine so nice.

Give me your hand across a decorative table,
Let me share your contentment with a companionable sigh.
The touch of your lips from a mistletoe kiss.
The rise and fall of your chest as the evening draws nigh.

Let me feel the love of my family around me,
Read the greetings and wishes in the cards through my door
Wrap me in these festive, new memories
As the old are evoked by a vacant chair by the wall.

Show me the colours of Christmas,
Generosity and kindness basking in a soft golden glow,
Wrap the Earth in its message of goodness,
Comfort it. Protect it.
Let our humanity show.

Bring Me The Colours of Christmas was orginally written for a guest appearance on BBC Radio Cornwall
The poem inspired, and was subsequently adapted, to form an integral part of A Daughter's Christmas Wish.