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Waiting for our Rainbow

Would you give your heart away if you knew it could only end in goodbye?

It should have been a time of romance and excitement for Anne - but it's 1941 and the war is raging. So instead, she spends her days repairing spitfire wings and reminding herself that the real sacrifice is going on far away from her Cornish village.

When the news breaks that Ameria has entered the war, it brings cautious hope to Ane and her family. And as the Jeeps filled with G.I.s eventually roll in, it seems their little community is to play a pivotal role in the next stage of the fight.

But the Americans don't just bring Hollywood glamour and optimism, they also bring something more tantalising - so when Anne meets handsome Joe Mallory, she has to remind herself of exactly why he's there; that any relationship between them could only end in goodbye.

But is the inevitability of 'goodbye' powerful enough to stop what has already begun to blossom?

What people are saying …

“I loved this novel. The descriptions and narrative were superb and I was totally immersed the whole way through"

"Absolutely loved this book. Not something I would have particularly chosen so what a pleasant surprise"

"This novel is really enjoyable"

"Well written and emotionally charged romance full of atmosphere"

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