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A new paperback to start the year!

Daniel's Daughter is now available in paperback. To find out more click HERE

I have been lucky in my writing career. Prior to the 6th January, 2021 I had three of my six novels published in print, The Thief's Daughter, The Captain's Daughter and The Daughter of River Valley. I call myself lucky as many published authors don't get to see their books released in print at all. Why? The book business is a competitive business and some publishers prefer to release their novels in the digital format only.

Of course, I have had my set backs too. Daughter of the House was due to be released as a paperback in 2020, but the pandemic closed bookshops and warehouses were unable to move their stock. I am told it caused a bottleneck so the printed version has been delayed until June, 2021. A Daughter's Christmas Wish has yet to be released as a paperback, but I still have hope it will be released in print one day.

I was expecting my sixth novel in the Cornish Tales series, Daniel's Daughter, to be delayed too, so you can imagine the smile on my face when I was informed by my publisher that Daniel's Daughter would be published in paperback before the paperback version of Daughter of the House. The date was to be confirmed so all I could do was wait. However, even I was surprised how soon that date would come around!

So I am delighted... thrilled... ecstatic to share the news that, as of the 6th January 2021, Daniel's Daughter is available as a paperback too! 

Why am I so thrilled? Most authors want to be able to hold a copy of their book in their hands as a printed version is tangible proof that one has published a novel, but more importantly it means my mother and her friends can finally read it. They have been waiting for a long time to read the next paperback release of the Cornish Tales series, as audio and eBook formats are too technical for them. Greater accessibility to reading, no matter what your age or capabilities are, is what we should all strive for, and making books available in all formats help achieve this goal.