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A Brand New Look for 2024!

No, I'm not going to dye my hair blue in 2024 to shake things up a bit, but I am delighted to share the news that there are changes afoot in my life! So get your sunglasses on and be prepared to be dazzled... ok so I might be overdoing things a little, but I'm excited so please bear with me. But first a bit of background...

My publisher Joffe took over Choc Lit’s author list of around 250 titles in 2023 and is renowned for discovering new talent and positioning overlooked books in the path of new readers. Their expertise is focused on the digital market, with a special emphasis on marketing and design. Their strategy has been so successful that they won the PBShop Trade Publisher of the Year in 2023 and is now the leading independent publisher in the UK. It was inevitable their attention would eventually fall on my back list...

They didn't hang around and in 2023 they issued The Cornish Tales as a spanking new boxset which quickly rose in the rankings. This year they have turned their attention to the books in the series and will be giving each kindle edition a spanking new cover! This is a common practice in the publishing industry as publishing teams can change and bring in new ideas and skills, marketing strategies are continually evolving and trends come and go. In my opinion, the cover of a book should ultimately capture the story inside to help the reader choose the right book for them. With all that in mind, I am delighted with my new covers.

The first two covers to change are The Thief's Daughter and The Daughter of River Valley. I am thrilled with the new designs which perfectly capture the heroines in the novels. I hope you love them as much as I do!


Over the coming days/weeks the remaining new covers will be revealed. Hopefully, these amazing new covers will catch the eyes of a new audience so they can also discover the six feisty heroines from Cornwall. Just click on the book covers to buy.