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International Writer - Who Me?

This week I saw the Czech Republic’s edition of Daniel’s Daughter – and I love it! The hardback edition has a new title, Pro čest a lásku (translated it means For Honour and Love), and a new cover. Both changes, I think, are perfect for its travels abroad! I also like the fact the heroine appears to be drinking from a tankard. What is she drinking? Cornish ale, perhaps?

I have never travelled to the Czech Republic, although I do plan to visit its neighbour, Austria, next year. The Czech Republic is a landlocked country. To the west there are rolling plains, hills and plateaus surrounded by low mountains and to the east the landscape is generally very hilly. Prague (see pic below) is its capital city and considered the political, cultural and economic hub of central Europe. Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia are its neighbours.

Although I am looking forward to visiting Austria next year, I will look longingly in the direction of the Czech Republic - the new home of Pro čest a lásku/For Honour and Love/Daniel's Daughter. Perhaps, if I save up the pennies, the country will be a future holiday destination!

Pro čest a lásku is my first translation, which is very exciting. I think every writer hopes to see at least one of their novels sold in another language. The first time it happens is always very special. I am so pleased that I have now achieved it.

For the Czech Republic edition, click HERE
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