Daughter of the House Cover Reveal!

I am delighted to reveal the cover and blurb for my latest release

Daughter of the House


The daughter of the house is often overlooked …

Evelyn Pendragon is spirited but lonely, and largely ignored by her parents whose attentions are taken up with her brother, Nicholas: the expected heir to the family’s Cornish estate and the one who will carry on the Pendragon name.

Stifled by her aristocratic existence, Evelyn finds companionship in an unlikely place when she befriends Drake Vennor, an apprentice gardener on the estate.

But when Evelyn’s life is thrown into turmoil by a tragedy, she realises just how much she has come to rely on Drake. Will family expectations and the burden of the Pendragon name mean she must turn her back on him when she needs him the most?

Exclusive Extract – young Evelyn Pendragon is hiding behind a rose bush and about to see, for the first time, the boy who will change her life forever …

She looked through the spikey stems to spy on the head gardener, Timmins. He had stopped working and was leaning casually on the handle of his shovel. His back was to her, so she was unable to see his weathered face, but she could tell that he was looking towards the entrance of the rose garden. She followed his gaze, eager to see what had interrupted his work.

Standing in the rose archway was a boy she did not recognise. Despite keeping his eyes respectfully lowered, Evelyn could see a deep militant furrow marking his brow. He stood quite still, his serviceable dull clothes and pubescent body a stark contrast to the floral garlands that framed him.

Filled with curiosity, Evelyn lengthened her neck to get a better view. The boy looked too uncomfortable in his surroundings to be a member of the outdoor staff. He must be looking for work. Unfortunately, thought Evelyn, he looked too angry, his chin too stubborn and his stance too militant to please Timmins, who despised insolence in all its forms. It would be best if the boy turned away now and saved himself an ear bashing.

A muscle worked in the boy’s jaw as he lifted his gaze to look at Timmins. To Evelyn’s surprise, he nervously cleared his throat. The subconscious act enabled Evelyn to see what she had not seen before. It was not obstinacy she was witnessing, but paralysing unease at the fear of rejection.
A wave of empathy for him rose up inside Evelyn, filling every empty part of her. She could feel what he was feeling, as surely as if she was standing in his place, every rapid beat of his heart, every breath that he took which did not seem to quench the thirst for air. She felt it all, as she knew the fear so well …

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Due for release as an eBook and audiobook on the 16th April, 2019

EBook published by Choc Lit

Audiobook published by Soundings

I hope you like the book cover as much as I do.

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