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Out and About!

Writers can get themselves locked into a social media bubble and end up promoting their new releases to the same audience over and over again. This habit can leave potential new readers out in the cold as not everyone is on social media. Last year I gave a talk to the St.Wenn W.I. on “How To Write Romantic Fiction“. Buoyed up by their positive feedback, I made a promise to myself to try and reach more readers outside the boundaries set by my WiFi signal at home.

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Blog Tour: Talking about creating my favourite character – the antagonist.

On the seventh stop of my blog tour to celebrate the release of The Captain’s Daughter as an ebook and The Thief’s Daughter as a paperback, I stopped off to talk to Joanne on the Portobello book blog.

I used the opportunity to talk about creating my favourite character – the antagonist and how to bring some depth to the pivotal role.

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