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Tea in Oxford!

On the 17th May, I undertook a flying visit to Oxford. I had received an invite from Isis Publishing and my audio publisher, Soundings, to afternoon tea and as it was my first opportunity to meet and personally thank them for signing up both  The Thief’s Daughter and The Captain’s Daughter, I was determined to go.

Becky, from Isis Publishing, and Aimee, from Soundings, were very welcoming.

It was also great to catch-up with fellow Choc Lit authors Morton.S.Gray, Sharon Ibbotson, Evonne Wareham and Sue McDonagh, as well as making some new friends along the way.

I found myself next to the delightful author, Katie Fforde, and having a good humoured discussion on whether to put jam or cream first on a scone. Needless to say, I did it the Cornish way, jam first!

The Thief’s Daughter CD

I made the journey from Cornwall as a day trip and only spent a few hours in Oxford which is known the world over for its university and history. Some thought it was a long way to travel for a small, informal event, but it was worth it as I could say thank you to the people who made one of my writing dreams come true.

Plymouth Literature Festival

This year Plymouth literature festival (PlymLit17) is a nine-day event held in the historic city of Plymouth in Devon.

The aim is to offer something for everyone and will include readers of fiction, non-fiction and sports books through to writers of flash fiction, poetry and plays. The event is growing each year and this year events will be held around the city with the aim of connecting local writers and readers, showcase new talent and help people to discover new books.

I was delighted to be asked to join a panel of writers for a Q & A session, hosted by the business editor of The Herald, William Telford.

The panel was made up of an eclectic gathering of writers.

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Pre-release Book Launch Event

“Are you having a book launch event?”

The question caught me off-guard, which was silly since I have a double book release coming up – the paperback version of The Thief’s Daughter and the ebook version of The Captain’s Daughter. I decided I was and launched into action to arrange one, whilst secretly worrying that no one would actually turn up …

The Old Inn

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Spreading the Word …

Authors often wonder how to spread the word about their books, particularly if they are at the beginning of their writing career, as I am. Book launches, talks,  book signings and adverts are just some of the usual avenues used by writers. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, although I think the best way will always be word of mouth from reader to reader.

A few months ago my husband suggested that a vintage car event might be the perfect opportunity to spread the word about The Thief’s Daughter. Of course I was sceptical as a car show is not the usual place to promote an historical romance. However, when he told me we would be raising money for the  Restormel Mind Association, a charity which supports adults with mental health problems, promoting my novel took a back seat as I was happy to be involved.

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