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Publication Day for A Daughter’s Christmas Wish!

I am delighted to share the news that A Daughter’s Christmas Wish is now available as an

ebook and audiobook!

A Cornish Christmas wish sent across the ocean …

Christmas, Cornwall 1919

A promise to a fellow soldier leads Nicholas to Cornwall for Christmas, and to the teashop managed by Rose; the youngest daughter of a family whose festive spirit has been blighted by their wartime experiences.

But as Nicholas strives to give Rose the best Christmas she could wish for, he begins to question whether his efforts are to honour his friend, or whether there is another reason …


Nicholas recognised the woman in the tea shop immediately, despite having never met her before. He had no doubt it was her. He had gazed at her face more times than he cared to admit to and knew every feature as well as his own. She was the first thing on his mind upon waking and the last when he closed his eyes at night. She even visited him in his dreams – an intangible presence that would not stop haunting him after all this time. What would she think if she knew he carried her photograph in his pocket and had done so for more than a year? Yet she probably didn’t even know he existed. He knew a lot about her, though, and why she carried so much sadness in her eyes.

I am so excited to bring you this Christmas novella set in Cornwall a year after the Great War. It is a countdown to Christmas at a time when England is still learning to live in peacetime again. This festive novella is my way of honouring those who died in WW1, those who survived and those who waited at home. So join Rose and Nicholas, as Christmas approaches, and follow their journey through the festive snow.

To download the ebook please click HERE

To download the audiobook please click HERE

Out and About!

Writers can get themselves locked into a social media bubble and end up promoting their new releases to the same audience over and over again. This habit can leave potential new readers out in the cold as not everyone is on social media. Last year I gave a talk to the St.Wenn W.I. on “How To Write Romantic Fiction“. Buoyed up by their positive feedback, I made a promise to myself to try and reach more readers outside the boundaries set by my WiFi signal at home.

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Raising Money for The Chestnut Appeal

The summer has been a busy time for me. I have given several W.I. talks, attended Helston’s International Guitar Festival as a guest speaker, celebrated and promoted the ebook and audio release of The Daughter of River Valley and the paperback release of The Captain’s Daughter.

However, not every event I have attended this year has been writing related …

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Tea in Oxford!

On the 17th May, I undertook a flying visit to Oxford. I had received an invite from Isis Publishing and my audio publisher, Soundings, to afternoon tea and as it was my first opportunity to meet and personally thank them for signing up both  The Thief’s Daughter and The Captain’s Daughter, I was determined to go.

Becky, from Isis Publishing, and Aimee, from Soundings, were very welcoming.

It was also great to catch-up with fellow Choc Lit authors Morton.S.Gray, Sharon Ibbotson, Evonne Wareham and Sue McDonagh, as well as making some new friends along the way.

I found myself next to the delightful author, Katie Fforde, and having a good humoured discussion on whether to put jam or cream first on a scone. Needless to say, I did it the Cornish way, jam first!

The Thief’s Daughter CD

I made the journey from Cornwall as a day trip and only spent a few hours in Oxford which is known the world over for its university and history. Some thought it was a long way to travel for a small, informal event, but it was worth it as I could say thank you to the people who made one of my writing dreams come true.

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