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It’s Publication Day for Daniel’s Daughter!

Today is the Publication Day for Daniel’s Daughter! Inspired by a plot in one of my previous novels, I began to wonder about closely guarded family secrets which are just waiting to be exposed.

Have you ever been in a dilemma of whether to tell the truth or keep what you know a secret? It is easy to jump to the conclusion that telling the truth is the best thing to do, but what if the truth will cause great heartache? What if keeping a secret will protect someone you love? What if you don’t know what the truth is anymore? That is just the situation that my latest lead character finds herself in.

Meet Grace Kellow, my red haired Cornish heroine who is…


Daniel’s Daughter

Set in 1895, Grace Kellow’s story will take you from the rugged tors of Bodmin Moor to the white, industrial, lunar peaks of mid-south Cornwall. Join Daniel’s Daughter, as she meets the handsome, but surly, Talek Danning and discovers…

Sometimes the truth is not easy to say and even harder to hear …


Grace Kellow is a young woman with a strong sense of who she is and where she comes from. As the daughter of a well-respected Cornish dairy owner Daniel Kellow, her existence in the village of Trehale is comfortable and peaceful.

But then handsome Talek Danning comes striding over Hel Tor, and soon after his arrival Grace is hit with a revelation that leaves her questioning her identity and her place in the Trehale community.

In her hour of need, Talek and his sister Amelia offer Grace sanctuary – but wherever Grace runs, her secret will follow …


Daniel’s Daughter is now available to download as an eBook from the following sites:-

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