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Listen Very Carefully …

I am excited to share the news that Soundings has begun recording the audio book  version of The Thief’s Daughter. Their choice of reader is the very talented and experienced voice-over artist, Emma Powell. Emma has the perfect voice for the novel. It is soft, husky, mid-tone and expressive, which I believe can only add to the experience of being whisked back in time to the 18th century.

I am very happy with the care Soundings are taking to produce a quality audio book and cannot wait to listen to the completed version. It is always nerve-wracking to handover a novel that has taken a year or more to create, but now I know that Emma Powell is breathing life into my characters by the use of her expressive voice, I feel confident that The Thief’s Daughter’s audio version will be the best it can be and worthy of the new audience waiting to hear it.

The audio book version of The Thief’s Daughter will be available from 1st April, 2018.

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