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Spreading the Word …

Authors often wonder how to spread the word about their books, particularly if they are at the beginning of their writing career, as I am. Book launches, talks,  book signings and adverts are just some of the usual avenues used by writers. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, although I think the best way will always be word of mouth from reader to reader.

A few months ago my husband suggested that a vintage car event might be the perfect opportunity to spread the word about The Thief’s Daughter. Of course I was sceptical as a car show is not the usual place to promote an historical romance. However, when he told me we would be raising money for the  Restormel Mind Association, a charity which supports adults with mental health problems, promoting my novel took a back seat as I was happy to be involved.

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Goodbye Dear Friend

Alfie, my black Labrador, has been my constant companion throughout my writing career.  His place is on the carpet to my left, snoozing, while I tap away on the keys of my laptop. He has several “places”. The kitchen doorway, where he bounds into the room to greet me in the morning. Sitting by my chair at the kitchen table at meal times, with an expectant look on his face. Taking on the role of my shadow as I go about my daily chores. Walking beside me on one of our many walks together.

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