Monthly Archives: March 2016

I’m delighted to share the news that I have signed with Choc Lit Publishing today!

Choc Lit is an independent U.K. based publisher who specialises in romantic fiction with irresistible heroes. The final title and release date are to be confirmed, but in the meantime I look forward to sharing any updates on my book’s progress with you.

Signing my first traditional publishing contract.

Welcome to my new website!

I was an indie author and wrote under a different name. This month I have changed my writing name to Victoria Cornwall. Why? Books are judged by their covers and, needless to say, an author’s name is on the cover. I was concerned that the name I had chosen to use as an indie author sounded like a male crime writer, so I took the step to change it to a name I felt suited the historical romance genre. I’m really excited about this change, although it has kept me busy setting up new social media sites in my new name.

I feel this is a start of a new journey for me and I would love it if you shared it with me.


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